Artmaid Pictures


We are infectious Storytellers


We aspire to be a key part of the global movement that strives to eradicate humanitarian issues,
by creating compelling visual content.


Create effective stories that will ignite dialogue, challenge, educate and inspire people to make social,
political and issue-based changes in their
own lives and communities.


We are optimistic dynamic creatives. Our view is global, informed and incisive with a passionate edge.
We are not afraid to take risks, to reinvent
ourselves and to be bold.


Artmaid Pictures is a seasoned non-fiction company based in Uganda, with a decade of experience in creating high profile Documentaries. We are very passionate about using our visual medium to tell remarkable stories for non-profit organisations — we are the NGO’S best friend.

Our storytelling abilities have enabled us work on a variety of genres dealing with humanitarian issues like, GBV, human rights, war conflicts, Human trafficking, health, Women empowerment, tourism, trade, infrastructure, politics, agriculture, sports and many more.

Our main goal as Artmaid Pictures is to bring out the spirit
 of truth and honesty in your exclusive vision.



We highlight your mission and objectives in the video and convey them in a manner that is elegant and professional. Making it easy for you to market your product during seminars, fundraising drives, advocacy campaigns, online mobilisations, volunteer trainings and in your efforts to educate the general public.