Artmaid Pictures

About us

We are your brand growth enablers


We aspire to be a key part of the global movement that strives to eradicate humanitarian issues,
by creating compelling visual content.


Create effective stories that will ignite dialogue, challenge, educate and inspire people to make social, political and issue-based changes in their own lives and communities


We are obsessed with art. We are always hungry, inquisitive and detailed to the bone. We go wild on ideas and have this relentless desire to explore, dig deeper and un peel all the layers of a story.

Who we are

Artmaid Pictures is a seasoned non-fiction company based in Uganda, with a decade of experience in creating high profile Documentaries. We are very passionate about using our visual medium to tell remarkable stories for non-profit organisations. 

At Artmaid, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft distinctive and emotionally gripping stories that resonate deeply with the audience, increase brand awareness and deliver exceptional results. Our goal is to transform lives while helping businesses build their brand presence in an inspiring way.

We’ve often been told that working with us is like having
an extension to the marketing team.

We foster an ego-free culture that values expertise and contributions over personal recognition. Genuine collaboration and open communication take priority.

As an extension of your team, we work with you and your team members to ensure that we are conveying what needs to be communicated, we enjoy involving our clients at every stage of the production; from creative conception to filming and editing.

By fostering a healthy working relationship, we ensure exceptional quality, minimise headaches, and guarantee quick turnarounds on all projects. With us, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner in every aspect of the project.